1. Resolution

From the recording Dispute the Difference

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When the ashes of the old are all that is left and the lessons assimilated, human consciousness will come full circle and start the next level of conscious evolution.


Again and again we forgo to get it through our fucking head.
What can we do to see the truth?
Through these lies we’re spoon fed our misery.
Don’t want to face the fact in what we are.
We want belief that out there there is one who holds the answers—brings us to our knees when we disobey.

This part of me, it comes awake, and I can see right through the lies and greed you love to feed to me...
(I fought all through my dreams to find it’s all the same.)
As we stare at these disparages of waking up, an impulse told us this reality just ain’t enough.
Collisions below the line put us on the path to light and love. This world’s insane, but we’re all the same.

Finally we see to let the truth be seen.
Like a flame that needed just more energy.
Assimilation eradicated our suffering; made it clear to see veracity in what’s to be.
That in here there is one, who holds the answers—gives us what we need, when love is given.

Where we go, we are not alone. When we fall, we will rise.
There is light in this dark, there is love in our fight.
Taking back all that’s been stolen from our open minds.