From the recording Dispute the Difference

The death of capitalism will be something to behold. Everything man has conceived has its very own life cycle. The death of this society births another.


Chasing dreams of human beings and waking to nightmares of lost freedoms and spirits wingless.
Fighting addictions to get a glimpse of a stolen higher sense.
Yeah, life’s a bitch in a sense, but since it’s missed—innocence.
What else could it of been? Can you answer me that, while I prep for the bat?
Till the mind verses might, anthems ring through the night.
Awake the sleep, cause the world is dark without enough enlightened.

See the future it burns in red.
Tiny soilders they fall in line.
Time is nothing to the unbound soul.
Seeing failures no one will know.

Thank god it’s over, we burned down our last mistake; left to our own we shall pick up the pieces.
Knocked down, for once, we abandon hopeless embrace—let go a dotage of blissful misery.

I can't take it. Waiting for manifestations of newly found freedom I’ve been searching for since times ancient, and I’m tired of waiting;
so if it won’t be given I’m a take it! Deface the system cause it ain’t shit—don’t have the patience.
Ready to start riots, gunfire in the night sky, but when acquired through violence peace is just reload time.
Is collective mind or death mightier? History begs the question.

This rebellion has played before. Once again for the unaware.
Build it up just to burn it down—searching for this equality.

Stand up, this is the time now, we will rise now—won’t be denied. Stand up, we will break the mold.