1. Duplicity

From the recording Dispute the Difference

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With reason and emotion running the gauntlet for control—it takes quieting the duality of the mind to assume real power.


Is this all the same? Yes, it is. It’s all connected, I can see that now.
[Took long enough—so now tell me, in light of that how are your problems different than anyone else’s?]
They are not. This reality, it's just a reflection of what I choose to believe.
[*laughter* Look who’s suddenly admission—well since you’re all “one for all and we are one,” the real question you should be struggling with now is what is my contribution to the collective conscious?]

(in my head)
Voices just keep telling me to riot—I deny it, shut my eyes and keep it quiet. Stay compliant, sit in silence—cut the lights!
I’ve found my own ecstatic bliss on the edge of consciousness and the outside of my wits!
Nothing trumps the loss of innocence, yet the world is guilty at best and it drives me mad—it drives me mad.
it’s killing me this concept of duplicity and savage imagery that sickens me is my own inner me!

Selfish bastard, your lies have stretched undone (there’s no escape)—left to your own you’ll see
(there’s nothing left to hide, let me bring in the madness!)
Selfish bastard, you’ll die while you're still young (just go away)—escaping misery was never my design.

You’re not fooling anyone, yes the world has gone insane; chaotic order can bring it back again.
Fall in disgrace, all of it to be erased! Now you see that time bleeds…

You’re a manic bastard playing plastic, placing plaster over your own madness, panic flashes—rapture—ecstatic bliss!
Play nice with the other kids? Fuck those kids—fuck the world!
Chaos, panic, watch it burn—watch it fall! I’ve seen it all before! Mothers call their daughters whore—cry to gods from the floor.
It sickens me, it sickens me this concept of duplicity. All the savage imagery that sickens me is my own inner me (my own inner me)

When will I feel I can trust myself?
When you're done fighting fire with lightning—revolution's inciting.
No omelets without breaking eggs these times are trying quite your crying.
Decisive lying installed me, now you're forced to compete with what you're appalled to see.

I don't know why your trying to do this to me! [cause I love you]
After all we been through in this world [it's been nothing]
Now I see this is just in your nature! [don't insult me]
You got a smile on your face while you scream for me to be erased!