1. Hoxygen

From the recording Dispute the Difference

The feeling of completion. Is this something we find in someone we see as our other half, or is it merely a conditioned belief?


A, yo... I don't mean to be intrusive, but you’re beautiful.
Something about you so unusual—you even stand out from your crew you know?
Seen you with that group, but you don’t seem the type to do this so let’s blow this joint—like a smoke invite, and study the skies—no lies.
The universe unraveling in your eyes and it’s so nice to consider that we could both be from a different dimension.
Incarnated into stardust—separated, but with our luck met back up in time young—so why run?
You don't think you could find someone to rely on—is that my fault?
You know you should let bygones just be bygones.
Firm believer, all’s for a reason, and you're the one I got my sights on; cause it’s so intriguing I can hear you think the words to my song.

Rather than gain the strength from the day
I seem to lock up and throw all away
thoughts that I knew that once held fidelity
confusion ruins me all that’s left is similes

Yo… look, I can see your demons
I can see them eating down into the meaning that you’re reading on the faceless people.
In your tears I see eyes bleeding, pleading for a being to relate.
You and I are the same in our very essence—take it as a blessing to counteract your stresses.
Don’t reject it and leave here alone and restless like you were before we met.
I’m willing to confess (what?) that I messed up—now you fess up!
You can’t hide that kind of misery for the rest of life.
Even if only for tonight you got an ally, so if you try to say the world’s against you that’s a damn lie—
and I’m no knight in shining armor I’m more like a magi.
Trying to rekindle magic and hope it won’t backfire just like the last time.

What you said… I will never forget…
You said stay here, but I’m already gone.
You said you would keep me complete, but I’m falling apart.

Cold eyes bare the truth that takes place in you.
With no lament, I pretend to stand strong with a clue—of a day when all of this is in the past, and brash tactics and fast lashes won’t stand true with you.
Lord knows I will miss these times we share. If all of this shall repeat will I dare to care?
I pray this true—and yes you knew—my investment starts right here with you.