1. Veracity

From the recording Dispute the Difference

When seeking truth it is necessary to use christ—crystal light divider—buried within the head of every thinking being to discern the truth in lies.


This world is flushed—like royally.
We’re nothing more than toiletry for royalty, or so it seems.
Degradation breeds separation, the refrigeration to keep the plot from spoiling.
Extraordinary only seem to keep their worlds turning, but assuredly there’s got to be a better way.
Better days lie ahead may I say, if we all can be free—but the one thing, the one thing keeping us—killing us silently is fragmented society.

Staring through the tears I’ve cried I see the true lies.
It’s hard to sleep again when you’re wise.

And I’m no longer timid—socially demented, fenced in by my anxieties.
No demons in my mind to keep the illusions going strong!
My god it’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally through running from me.
My obsession and fears, all the lies that seem real.
I’ve got everything to give, I can finally live. Yeah, but somehow—but somehow escaping illusion is bittersweet when opened to reality.

Combing through the fine print of our social contract do we realize that our terms of existence have been violated.
The keepers of the covenant of the people become dictators of; ruling with a silver tongue and a false currency.
Dispensing meager treats for unquestioned obedience to an antiquated system under the guise of public interest.
We enter the age of artificial information, but through the chrome monotones and shades of grey a brilliance rises.
As cosmic fires spark the souls of an alien species devoid of desire for maintenance of status quo—irreverent of long broken contracts.
A species called human.