1. War Machine

From the recording Dispute the Difference

There are forces at work that hunger after the energy we witlessly exert. Through the great sacrifice of war, humanity pays the ultimate price to nourish these entities.


(We’ve recieved reports of riot conditions—all available units please respond, all available units.)

Condescend to me like a god—lie to me so I can be the one you utilize, for your cause.
Line yourself with gold to control everything. (just a cog at the wheel of a helm—overwhelmed, no help as the wealthy lay my life down for this shit)
Intimidate one and all—tear this world apart to maintain control again.

(Bravo team inbound)

Can you feel the tension—taste the blood and metal—hear the gears as they twist and grind?
War depends on the faith of men who possess the keys to this war machine.

(Bravo team you have been authorized to use lethal force—I repeat, use lethal force)

Get down, or lay down—motherfucker I ain’t playing no games; better be careful when you speak my name—type of exchange show you I’m insane.
Seven nation army on my chain—actions I take can’t be explained.
Don’t know who it is that you’re trying to play, but you’re really trying to play right? Ok.
Wanna go to war? We can go to war—consumer, blood, and oil. What you running for?
Overwhelming force—prove you can’t take a machine that’s built for this—bitch!
Slaughter any man that’s fucking up my cash. Heard they got strapped, so I got more strapped.
How you battling a trigger happy terrorist on felon shit—to hell with it! Tell the devil hello from America.

(Control, Bravo team is a copy, approaching target)

(its gone to fucking hell out here…
Bravo team has confirmed visual on target. Preparing to take shot—
enemy fire, enemy fire! We got an anti air—oh shit!)

I won’t lay down my life for you!