1. More Power

From the recording Dispute the Difference

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More Power

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Everyone requires a square foundation to base their ambition upon. It takes a wise soul to avoid succumbing to the temptations of greed.


I’ll be good and god-damned if I ever be this broke again.
On the edge, off the handle—loading up my sins.
After I make a mill, I’m a re-up again—the world? Nigga, I give no shit!
I’m just looking for ashine for me and mine to get more worth than a diamond mine.
All this time I spent struggling, nobody was “checking up” like going for a run after you dine.

“I will fear no one,” the mantra I use to fuel resolve—breaking my conscience.
I’m beginning to feel like there’s nowhere to run, from the feeling that I need more power.
I want more. I need more. Give me more, cause I won’t be destroyed.

This sudden ending, it's not enough for me!
As all I plunder I find myself wanting more.
This condescending tone I place on you! I am all consuming.
I fine myself wanting more. I need more!

Cash rules everything around me.
So I love natural scenery, cause while I’m blowing out greenery
they’re cutting down trees to make more reasons for me to love the color green!
A little bit of hypocrisy, but the value of a couple hundred thou—enough to set me and my partners free.
So you can have your chains. And if I ever cop some, bet it be ironically.

The root of all evil—I feel it growing deeper and still this lust keeps driving me to secure longevity.
How’d things get this way? A world run by total corruption.
I want no more, still need more—save my soul, so I won’t be destroyed.