1. Below the Line

From the recording Dispute the Difference

The thirteen step pyramid with the all seeing eye atop. The vail currency hides behind called money is beginning to tear at the seams.


I stood up to you, cause I had enough of this for once.
You stole enough from me; there is nothing to say you are nothing to me anymore.

Stuck inside the system—longer than I remember.
Working the angles in it, praying that it delivered.
Hit gold then shit starts switching, getting realer—mentality of a dealer.
Murderous rapacity put me in position to look at what it’s gotten me—
Losses of camaraderie, twisted game of monopoly—the bank set up at stop!
Please tell me that you get it. But in case you didn’t—for the information you’re missing
you’ll have to excuse my french when I say

All this fiat money we got is to restrict our will.
All this fiat money we got it’s just debt chains.
All this fiat money we got is to restrict our will, is to restrict your will, is to restrict!

As I drown in conformity…
(locked in a system that is broke down)
My heart bled for the answer that I hold now.
Mindless thoughts of something for nothing—take till it’s all gone—makes us the fools in this game.

What's it mean to gain the world if you're soul is lost in the lives it chalks to the game?
Still don't cut the cost to cash the checks and pay the rent to own it all.
And know, there'll be nothing left to ravel in.
Once it's spent, it's worthless—not worth a shit.
Cause it's all full of emptiness. Scheme of a pyramid.
Slaves pay the labor costs so the Pharaohs can take it all—face it dawg!
Everything made of paper falls without support.
Fools in the game and it's all for sport, nothing more and no one scores cause—