1. Impulse

From the recording Dispute the Difference

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This song deals with addiction a symptom of the duality that many people falsely adhere to.


Give me a sign that I can live without this disease changing me.
Exposing my truth, love, and passion.
Tear me a hole so I can flee, or just give me
more suffering—more heart-break—more healing.

I want to see you—need to take you in,
it's like a part of me is missing it.
I need to feel you—want to breathe you in,
it's like a part of me is craving it.

Give me what I ask for and I won't tear you apart.
Don't stand in my way.
You don't know what it's like—the pain—the hunger.
It's transforming me into this monster that stands before
your suffering, your heartbreak, your healing...

All there was must come to me. (to end this)
All there was must come to me (suffering)

Once there were three kings: one of hallucination,
one of imitation, one of admiration.
The perfect three spirals of life, controlled by the hollow world—hell.

[system overload, crash, delete—reboot]

I’ve had enough of this! You've taken every—
I’ve had enough of this—you taking everything!