1. Whole

From the recording Time to Prevail


It takes a toll on your life to keep this stress inside
It takes control of your life until you rot and die
So to cope with this shit I conceal my mind
And divide my very soul just to survive
Another day another fallen I’m glad it’s not me
I’ve worked too fuckin hard just to tear at the seems
So I can’t and I won’t let this fear swallow my prided thoughts
and all that is a part of me

(this pain will not consume me)

My rollercoaster of life with all these twists and turns
But I flip the script in this bitch and let my anger burn
I always seem to have an angel that’s keeping me
from getting deeper and deeper into this quicksand of evil
I can’t afford to lose control of any of the reason in me
Cause it’s both of us that take the hit in which you don’t see
This rage installed in me
So take a look in the mirror, your soul has been swallowed…

I’ve hidden my soul so no one can see
The unbearable pain that has torn at me
With blind strength I must carry on

Sometimes it seems the end is drawing to close!
and sometimes you’ll feel you can’t take anymore!
But these times are testing us
To build our minds’ strong so we won’t fall
I know at times it all can seem hopeless
But we raise our heads to look past this
We are strong and we’re too proud
To let this pull us down, right down to the ground

no... I refuse... this time you won't take me
no... this time I will not give in...
this time you won't take me! Whole.