1. Nothing Left

From the recording Time to Prevail


(tear down and I will rebuild)
avarice left a stain just as black as the night
you bred control just to see the world
bow its head for you like it needed you
when the truth gets out it's over

high nostalgia begs for peace again
optophobia blinds this world to sin
there's nothing left in this world for me...

it seem there is nothing left to be
darkness consumes everything that breaths
no turning back now we must create a new
a light shines in a cold dark world for you

there's nothing left in this world for me...
there's nothing left here that I can see...

(reassess all that's revealed)
enlightenment breaks the trust that you built in the dark
are you afraid that we finally have had enough of you
now suddenly you're just another failed lie discovered

with no hope... I see a way
[I will create]