Our Story

Think old-school Linkin Park—replace emotionally charged lyrics with thought provoking-conscious themes, and add a lot more attitude. Dualstyles was originally formed in 2010. After some years of growing pains, Dualstyles has formed itself around a round an image that continues to be unique. The band has since shaped its sound around heavier tones of rock music and other various genres such as hip hop and electronic music. Dualstyles released Dispute the Difference showcasing their sound and concept of evolving human consciousness. A follow up to this comes Dark Night of The Soul exploring further into the collective conscience.


With a powerful and unique voice that does not quite match his appearance, Bryant Brown fronts the band with focus and precision. His leadership skills and perseverance link him as the crown chakra of Dualstyles.
Brash and unforgiving in his delivery, Aerin Kein is far from your average lyricist. Possessing a hyperactive third-eye, Kein represents the throat chakra of Dualstyles. His intellectual lyrics coupled with raspy screams fits seamlessly with the lead vocals.
With confidence and control, Tyler's unique guitar playing styles does well to complement the force heard in Dualstyles' guitar tones. Reining in the Solar plexus energy he brings a level of determination that can be heard in sound that is Dualstyles.